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Terminator Dark Fate - Tim Miller

Linda Hamilton (Sarah Connor) and Arnold Schwarzenegger (T-800) return to their legendary heroes in the sci-fi action Terminator: Dark Fate, from director Tim Miller (Deadpool) and visionary producers James Cameron and David Ellison. The action of the new tape will take place after the events that the movie "Terminator 2: Judgment Day" told about.

Judging by the special effects, the first two parts were actually filmed in the future ... Again the girls were crammed, out of principle I will not watch. The actors look cheap like they do on TV shows. Especially the Mexican ... They invited 2 stars, but I'm afraid they won't make the film.

I got the feeling that Skynet is funding the continuation of the franchise, so that people, from series to series, more and more want the death of Sarah and John Connor and as a result, in the future, they themselves stab their savior.

The character of Terminator is bespontovy noname, this is after the last part ... Yes, I even remember the second part, also like liquid metal, but there the actor is fucking ten times better chosen. Here, in general, some kind of seller from the five, no charisma, no fucking color. A separate cauldron has been prepared in hell for those who are filming the sequels to the terminator and Star Wars.

Badcomedian, I really hope that you will review this mockery of our childhood. Support the comment if you agree!

Yes, it's still a different terminator! Iron Arnie is a simple man on a campaign, Sarah Conar has grown old, and where then is John Conar? Terminator is some kind of symbiote villain, and terminator is some kind of iron dummy bodyguard! And the plot is distorted and strained again! Bring back Terminator 2. Judgment Day! I am still alive and I remember him !!!

After the first 3 parts, it's no longer a terminator, but a hell of a thing. 1 cool 2 legend. 3 norms. All that is further is some kind of conveyor, more like an ordinary series of an average television series. Well, about the details of the trailer. Forgive me, I'm not a sexist and all that, but it's simply impossible not to notice this idiocy - the main thing is to shove the "fighting femka" with a short haircut and + 50% to the opportunity to get awards at festivals is provided)) Graphics ... in many modern games it is better than shown here. It's just hack and parasitism on a popular brand. What the heck? 20th century FOX, I adore your studio and your films, but you can't treat films like this that have already formed a huge fan base, if you undertake to make a continuation of such a franchise, it should be at least no worse than what it was at the beginning.

Such a "movie" is a SHAME for Hollywood ... This idea of ​​the Terminator sequel had only one chance when they decided to shoot the third part. And they completely fucked up this chance !!! The rest of the attempts do not count at all. I will never forget my disappointment from watching T-3 ... Now I see the same thing, even worse! .. Most likely I will not go to the cinema for this ...

there are directors about whom we can say legendary and their films are the same. And they say about this imbecile - "director" - the asshole who removed the deadpool. I won't go to the movie and won't watch (as well as deadpool). My terminator is a dilogy.

For me, the terminator ended in the second part. Well, maybe even a third with a stretch. And this is all a complete huita, but the trailer is already disgusting, but the film itself will be scary to imagine Femki fucking with some Indian, Arnie is in the film for a couple of minutes for hype info

Mexico. Nice girl Daniela Ramos, and for friends just Dani, together with his brother comes to work at the plant in the morning, but it turns out that they will soon be replaced by automation. And this is not the only threat that the cars pose for the girl: she is immediately attacked by a model of the REV-9 terminator sent from the future and practically unkillable. But Grace, also a woman who came from the future, who has modified her combat characteristics to the terminator level, rises to Dani's defense. Soon, Sarah Connor will come to their aid, who has now turned into a real hunter for killer robots.

I am the only one who thinks that the Terminarot series got sick in the same way as the resident evil went downhill in its time? Waiting in vain for the release, disappointed in the film to the depths of Faberge. Against the background of this vyser, even the average passing game Terminator: resistance looks like a masterpiece. If the fees are the same as the ratings, then this film finally buried the franchise just as the covenant buried the strangers. And neither the new eminent actors and the attempt to restart the franchise in genesis, nor the "old" actor in this film helped the franchise.

I watched this UG solely out of respect for the franchise. Against her background, the third part is an absolute masterpiece, the fourth is a very good film. Yes, even the fifth is not very bad (it would be better if this branch was continued). On the plane taking off, I finished watching this picture. I have an opinion. The picture is recognized in my humble IMHO, as UG !

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