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Serf - Klim Shipenko

The Moscow Major from the TV series Kitchen drinks too much - the rich father decided to hire Hollywood to create the virtual world. Village is a slave, a king, a groom.

Young major Grisha played into a beautiful life and decided that everything is allowed for him. He has done a lot of things, and now he faces prison. To fix his son, a desperate oligarch father goes to extremes. Together with a psychologist, he comes up with a unique project: on the basis of an abandoned village, the atmosphere of Russia of the 19th century is recreated, and Grisha gets into a rigged accident and is supposedly transported to the past. In fact, a sophisticated psychological experiment is being carried out on him - a spoiled major is turned into an ordinary serf Grishka, who lives in a stable on the territory of a manor's estate. He is surrounded by actors whose goal is to change his life and personality. His every move is closely monitored by a team of psychologists using multiple cameras. Grisha will have to re-learn how to communicate with people, appreciate simple pleasures, work, and also find true love.

I do not like these films. But, since the combat units of the domestic sex arsenal - Bortich and Dibtseva - are involved in the film, I will watch.

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