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Robot Child - Grant Sputor

After a global cataclysm, humanity is dying out. In the underground bunker, an emergency program is automatically activated, and the humanoid robot "Mother" grows a human child from the embryo. The girl, brought up under the careful supervision of "Mother", has never seen either the surface of the Earth or other people. But one day her world turns upside down when a woman appears on the threshold of the shelter asking for help ...

Awesome movie, I advise you to watch it. Keeps you in suspense and makes you think (who has something to think about - not for everyone). For me the best film of the last decade !!! I was very moved to the depths of my heart by this amazing film !!!!! very well matched actresses, one face. The theme is not new, but it looks good.

What a secret robo-shmobut. The country has 140 frost-free days, there is no surplus product. In an accessible language; There is no whore to eat throughout the territory, except for rye and barley, nothing grows. What else is such a robots-shmobut. You fell from an oak tree. Your pension has just been cut. Robut in your dumb asshole

Not a flood, so a volcano, not a volcano, so robots. Humanity has been cleansed more than once. Even the robot thought about God for a million seconds, killing the last person who appeared from mom and dad, and not from a test tube. A creepy film, although everything seems to be logical and correct.

On the one hand, it seems like a normal film, but the meaning is not at all clear. At the end, the robot enters the container and tells that woman (I can't remember the name) that she fulfilled her role, it turns out that she raised her, but how then she was free and since she does not remember the bunker, it means she was very young. Secondly, the main character was left alone in the bunker and now she will raise children herself, but she herself has not yet fully matured and has not formed and whom she will raise in the end 63,000 the same dollars that were killed by robots, because someone will be better, someone is worse than a robot who killed unsuccessful specimens, in the end everything will come to the conclusion that the robots will kill everyone again. The meaning had to be thought over of course better.

It turned out that the robot had planned everything. Like people on the planet, a rotten robot stocking up with embryos destroys all people grows embryos until an ideal copy is obtained, according to her plan, the left surviving woman comes, which she apparently led in some way where she needed to show the girl an example of a person and also check her attachment to embryos ... The girl lived up to expectations. The robot kicked off the left woman. The girl will grow and educate the perfect humanity.

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