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Once Upon a Time in Hollywood - Quentin Tarantino

The film - I do not recommend watching it, 3 hours of complete art-house, you can't even call it Art House, the top actors of today are 190 million budget, shooting on film, give way to new directors.

Why is the fascist theme of the Second World War everywhere, and what before and after there is no fascism? They have already tortured the Germans to reproach them, although they themselves shed no less blood, mocked and enslaved, lynched the ancestors of African Americans, not to mention the Indians - Native Americans .. Bigotry! Already disgusting! Disappointed with K. Tarantino, it turns out that she also executes programs approved from above, so to speak, slaves!

After all, "Once Upon a Time in ... Hollywood" turned out to be unlike other Tarantino films ... Yes, DiCaprio, Brad Pitt play divinely ... Yes, the frames are gorgeous ... Just watch me how it was boring for a simple spectator ... Maybe I didn't understand something? Explain, what is the trick here? Why isn't there a solid plot?

The problem with this film is that most do not know what happened on August 8, 1969 and because of this they consider the film boring, so if you are going to see it, read about Charles Manson or more generally about August 8

The film tells the story of a series of events that took place in Hollywood in 1969, at the end of its "golden age". Renowned actor Rick Dalton and his stunt double Cliff Booth are trying to find their place in the rapidly changing world of the film industry.

We went to see this movie yesterday. I do not advise. We barely sat there for 3 hours. The film is not ochem. Promotes drugs, prostitution, like an advertisement for Hollywood life

Didn't pay attention to Tarantino's films. I went to "Once upon a time ...". Great! Only because of the latest masterpiece scene in the house can be seen. As an acquaintance said: “Her (this scene) was to be expected - it's in the spirit of Tarantino!” I will also watch his other films. Which ones would you recommend first?

Even at the level of American films, this is the dumbest film. The great actors Brad Peet and Leonardo De Cario, as well as the great director, Quentin Tarantino, have covered themselves with shame. Well, it's not clear where the aged actor Al Pacino appeared in the film, who also went crazy. In general, if this is a film, then there is nothing about, not about anyone, not a comedy or an action movie - just complete nonsense that can be filmed. Feeling the creativity of a madman ... when there is no logic or coherence. They talk about some actors and then they don't appear at all. the gun hangs, but does not fire. If you want to waste time and money, then this is the movie, although you can take a good nap on it. The complete arctic fox of Hollywood, Stalingrad - where everything perished, past glory and past reputation. The only episode that woke up the sleeping room was about Bruce Lee, it is also not clear why it appeared .. It's funny that they didn't even try to make him look like an Asian ... some dark-haired writhing and squealing, gets pretzels from everyone .. Only when they pronounced his name - Bruce Lee, only then it became clear that this was supposedly a parody ... and there are no similarities in clothes, manners, or anything (see trailer 2:05) - that was the funny thing .. about the stupidity of the production .. Besides old actors - all young, all just creepy ugly, which is unpleasant to look at ... it is clear that in a country with fast food it is simply difficult to find beautiful ones, but you could still try. It seems that this is Central Asia, where everyone is accepted by kinship and pull, or for money, or through bed. That is why in the hippie camp there are only girls walking in ultrashort shorts, although ripped chewed jeans were the symbol of the hippie back then. In general, the feeling of a scam when you got fucked by big names...

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