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Joker - Todd Phillips

Gotham, early 1980s. Comedian Arthur Fleck lives with his sick mother, who teaches him from childhood to "walk with a smile." Trying to bring good things to the world and give people joy, Arthur is faced with human cruelty and gradually comes to the conclusion that this world will receive from him not a kind smile, but the grin of the villain Joker.

The last time I was so immersed in the atmosphere of the film was when I watched Inception. The acting, the music, the shooting and the backstory, everything is on top! Before watching the trailer, I did not see or hear about fmlm. Batman watched all the films and I think this movie from the Batman universe is the best! I advise everyone to watch it in the cinema. I really didn't want the film to end, although it goes longer than the standard one. Now I understand the Joker perfectly, the character was revealed better than Batman himself in all the films

I read a lot of enthusiastic comments from people looking forward to the movie ... and heck, I agree with all of them. I'm really looking forward to the film, the trailer has already bribed, Joaquin Phoenix is ​​gorgeous - no questions asked. And people who watched "Joker" on the preview have already showered the film with a bunch of compliments. Hope for something truly great )

Question guys cho for bullshit in another trailer of the joker it is written that 16+ and here 18+ what is that in a terrible jokar you think the joker has infected people with psychotic joker just a celebrity wants and Batman put a diz and super man needs to know the movie 16+ or 18+ well, that's for you not it 2 where there is 18+

The joker cannot be without Betman, as for me this Oskorov promotion as I saw his phoenix in the comments, I never remember this actor, and so here is an 18+ rating, but something from the trailers can be seen in the fight with 3 Betman Nolan's accomplices Bane, I understand that the film became a joker like a joker, as for me the Gotham series would have revealed it more if Jerome or his brother Walewski eventually became a joker, but the joker's infa is hidden, and for me the ledger is the best, the joker is in second place in the game about betman of recent years, is also unforgettable, especially in the last part, respect, I will look at the film, but I do not expect anything higher, except for another type of epic for a fagot Oscar

Please give Joaquin Phoenix your second Oscar at last! His great acting in the master and She is something! Ordinary superheroics have become boring and will die out in the future as a genre of Westerns in due time! We meet a new generation of superheroics of realistic art house and horror with an R rating. The recent announcement of Blade, Moon Knight and Doctor Strange 2 confirms this. Hopefully Venom 2 will be R-rated with its Carnage. Fucked up by these Avengers

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