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Coronavirus - Pavel Kostomarov

An unknown deadly virus has been discovered in Moscow, which is rapidly growing into a terrible epidemic. Sergey, in the company of his new lover and her autistic son, as well as his ex-wife, their son and several other fellow travelers who have joined them, is trying to escape beyond the boundaries of quarantine. Somewhere far away, on a desert island in Karelia, there is a hunting lodge, where they can start everything from scratch. But the road to a new life will not be easy, because the heroes are fleeing not only from a global catastrophe, but also from a personal family drama.

Our actors did not take out, well, either the director or the screenwriter partly, but in my opinion they didn’t take out everything)) honestly, disappointed .. Well, what the fuck, the fuck didn’t have time to start, and the bad guys are already trying to rape all pregnant women, and etc., in general, a bit like a horror thriller from the 90s ...)

And again, in Russian cinema, love is where it is not needed, the whole atmosphere spoils, after Sobolev I wanted to see it, but having fully understood what it will be, I won't, why should I disappoint myself again, and so I live in Russia. Why is a girl on a stretcher lying as if tied, but she is not tied and does not even resist.

What do you write like the line of love spoils everything, etc., what does it spoil? Even in hmm (the walking dead) there is love and it does not spoil anything, this series spoils not the professionalism of the actors whom I do not believe that they experience their emotions that they show, a dull line of two teenagers, the first girl drunk who was created in order to somehow arouse sympathy among other teenagers who will watch this shit, and the second down with super abilities who has read Wikipedia and speaks like a robot. Also, the acting is not convincing, filmed well, the plot is also not bad, but these are infected people who have knives growing out of their hands or what?) Well, and even references to religion that the man never prayed and before he died he decided, suddenly Heaven will go, like prayer helps ... But most of the garbage will go who have not watched normal films / TV series about survival and the end of the world. p.s No need to write that they are doing shit overseas and there is even worse than this serial viz, etc., there at least the acting is at its best.

The music in the TV series with Interstellar has been ripped off. But in general, the series is cool and something unreal in the world of Russian serials. The Russian army is finished. They banned the new CoD, but here the army is in its guise and has not yet had time to ban the series. Have time to look. Read the novel: Vangozero. The film was shot based on his motives. Very creepy and very realistic. True, there is a lot of feminine ... thoughts and corrals, but the rest is one hundred percent book!

Cool modern tough Russian TV series, as always more real in contrast to American teenage computer teletubbies, all sorts of fictional non-existent zombies ... And here about real infected, drama, so that not only for teenagers, like in fucking Hollywood .. Finally, a cool modern Russian science fiction went on - Outpost, Attraction, Invasion, Draft, Calculator, Better than people, Debtor's Shack .., more often according to our authors .. According to science fiction, Ros is in the top 3, as well as crime, military, dramatic, historical, good and sports and youth (TNT, STS) .. And the western is more boring, less interesting, with an alien culture, moronic humor .. Hello from Kharkov.

A very cool series, at the level of a heap of films about zombies and viruses, this is a very good series, 8/10 !!!! Decently filmed, with a minimum of blood and guts, which representatives of the "golden youth" love. Trolls will always hate everything in a row, feel free to send them to x.j, I advise you to watch.

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