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Coronavirus Infection - Steven Soderberg

A man coughs and touches the wicked on the bus. Bat and pig. ATM, withdrawing money. Vaccine, medicine, immunity. Keeps neighbors out of the house. The infection occurred in the Casino, the woman spat on the playing chips for luck. Military on the streets of the city. No funeral, only cremation. Infected Ukrainka! Blocking the roads. Interruptions in money, food, gasoline. Groceries are being taken apart in stores. The drugstore crush for flu medicines. Stores and cars are robbed. Quarantine travel is prohibited. Riboverin. Forcy. Pharmacists are in cahoots, they benefit. Africa, HIV. Every 12 inhabitants of the planet will be infected. Empty airports. Distribute food. Insanity. The President is in a secret hideout. Commandant hour. Shots in a neighboring house, robbers. People are arming themselves. Killed 26 million people worldwide. Queue for the vaccine. Who will get it first? Killed for receiving / stealing the vaccine. Lawyers have insured pharmaceutical companies. Side effects of the vaccine. Draw for the first vaccine. What if I don't need a vaccine? We cannot risk that.

Vaccine supplies are limited. Selling left vaccines, Placebo effect. Taking the vaccine with champagne, it's a big celebration. The vaccine is injected from a syringe into both nostrils in turn. And they give a bracelet to identify the vaccinated. Infection with a virus through a handshake. I didn’t take the vaccine, but put a bracelet on my arm. He began to walk and shake hands with everyone, infect others. Vaccination centers, masked queues. LABS 20K is a sign on the vaccine marking (the film was filmed in 2011 with a hint of 2020). Do not open doors in houses until they are sure that there is a blue bracelet vaccinated against the virus. Entrance ticket. Graduation party, only 2 people, population reduction was successful.

How did the first Coronavirus infection happen?

The bat dropped a piece of banana to the piglet, the cook touched the meat and shook hands with the woman at the photo shoot.

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