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Brave New World - Owen Harris

Future, people are divided into alpha and beta. When anxiety, then drug pills are taken. Whoever wants to fuck with whom. They are obliged to give their body to anyone. Polygamy. They don't know what virginity is. A young woman flies to another planet in a special hotel park. People with old moral qualities live there. Monogamy, you can't have sex before marriage. They call them savage people.

In London of the distant future, where consumption is elevated to a cult, and Henry Ford is the symbol of the consumer god, humanity is divided into castes, and all problems are solved with the help of a synthetic drug - soma. One day, two residents of London find themselves outside and find themselves in the very center of a bloody uprising.

In the story, London has become the world capital. For the 26th century, man controls all areas of being at his own discretion and in accordance with his whims. The psychology of consumption is cultivated, the god of consumption is Henry Ford. Humanity now consists of castes, and all troubles are resolved through the use of soma, the newest synthetic drug. Family values ​​are destroyed, the words "mom" and "dad" are abusive, people are born only through test tubes. Art and religion are replaced by low entertainment. Each person is the result of genetic engineering in accordance with a given program.

And so two people decided to leave this refined world and went to the wild islands. Bernard Marx and Lenina Crown are high-ranking officials, they want to understand and feel the reality in which savages live. There, travelers meet a certain savage John, who lives by those values ​​that everyone has forgotten about in the civilized world. The islands still remember what simple human relationships, warmth, love, care, children, family are. Bernard, Lenina and John communicate a lot. Then Londoners take John with them to the capital of the world. And it is completely unknown how the presence of a wild man will affect a highly developed civilization, its culture, society.

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