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Tony Erdmann - Maren Ade

business coach

Hey. Things are good? She's always on the phone. I hired a girl who came to your place. She works with the largest companies. I think by Monday we will be able to discuss more and more substantively. Have you come to visit? Yes. Took vacation for a month.

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Miracle on the Hudson - Clint Eastwood

no situations in history

Flight 49, runway 4 is clear for take-off. Sali, what to do? Where are you flying? Nobody warned us. Nobody said that we would lose both engines at low altitude. There are simply no such situations in history. It was a simultaneous engine failure.

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Warcraft - Duncan Jones

war between humans and orcs

For many years there has been a war between humans and orcs. But there was a time when we did not yet know who our enemy was. And also, what green magic has done to us, filth. But at the very beginning, how could we know?

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Perpetrator - Ariel Vromen

They dripped in my brain, I thought they knew what they would find, but they were wrong. They don't know me. What happened next I do not know. Whoever harms me will regret it. Bill Paul is a CIA agent. A man walks into a store. Your wife ordered a brown bag.

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Decided 2 - Roman Askhaev

we'll eat at the bathhouse

Two black Lexus are driving along the road to the funeral music, the city of Ulan-Ude. Zone, sentry on the tower. Serious brothers are sitting in the car, chewing gum. Forward to the exit, facing the bars. They switch the music in the car.

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Lost in the Sun - Trey Nelson


A bull with long horns on the horizon at night in the field. Some people see their mistakes in everything. So the guilt hangs only on your shoulders. As if everything is written on the face. I have made many mistakes in my life.

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The ideal man - Yan Gozlan

write 2500 characters per day

An agitated man drives a car at night with great speed. Wall. He is typing on a laptop. Write 2,500 characters a day, Stephen King. The man behind the back, Mathieu Vasseur. High-rise buildings. Works as a loader, delivers cardboard boxes.

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Krampus: Reckoning - Robert Conway

Here. I do not know. Show me darling. Do you like? Like. What is drawn here? Mom, dad, me, Santa Claus. But where is your sister? are you angry with her? There was no more room. Angel, tell grandma the truth. She makes dad get angry, mom.

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