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Joker - Todd Phillips

Gotham, early 1980s. Comedian Arthur Fleck lives with his sick mother, who teaches him from childhood to "walk with a smile." Trying to bring good things to the world and give people joy, Arthur is faced with human cruelty.

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Mafia Women - Patrick Vega

After the successful arrest of 20 most dangerous criminals in the Warsaw district of Mokotów, Bela was fired from the police for arbitrariness. She is invited to serve in the Internal Security Agency. She must undergo training with curators.

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Fast and Furious 8 - Gary Gray

Fasten your seat belts - the race continues. Havana, Berlin, New York - nothing is impossible for the coolest team in the world while they are together. But when one of the most beautiful women on the planet and part-time queen of cybercrime is on their way.

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Perpetrator - Ariel Vromen

They dripped in my brain, I thought they knew what they would find, but they were wrong. They don't know me. What happened next I do not know. Whoever harms me will regret it. Bill Paul is a CIA agent. A man walks into a store. Your wife ordered a brown bag.

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Decided 2 - Roman Askhaev

we'll eat at the bathhouse

Two black Lexus are driving along the road to the funeral music, the city of Ulan-Ude. Zone, sentry on the tower. Serious brothers are sitting in the car, chewing gum. Forward to the exit, facing the bars. They switch the music in the car.

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