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Serf - Klim Shipenko

The Moscow Major from the TV series Kitchen drinks too much - the rich father decided to hire Hollywood to create the virtual world. Village is a slave, a king, a groom. Young major Grisha played into a beautiful life.

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Call DiCaprio - Zhora Kryzhovnikov

Not all brothers and sisters get along with each other. In the center of the narration of this tape are two siblings, who from early childhood were complete opposites. Yegor Rumyantsev was able to achieve incredible heights.

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Taxi 5 - Frank Gastambid

Former Commissioner Gibert, who became the most unlucky mayor of Marseille in the history of the city, entrusts the new recruit Silvan Maro, who was transferred from the capital, to deal with the elusive "gang of Italians" in a Ferrari.

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Deadpool 2 - David Leitch

The one and only chatty mercenary is back! Even bigger, even more destructive and even more naked than ever! When a super soldier bursts into his life with a murderous mission, Deadpool is forced to think about friendship.

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Father of the Year - Tyler Spindel

When a drunken argument between two buddies about whose father will win the fight is taken seriously by one of their fathers, things go downhill. Jobs are lost, friendships are over, the future is ruined. In this story of two college graduates spending.

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The Scarecrow Returns - Walter Lodes

The film tells the story of an urban legend about an ominous scarecrow that slumbers until its darkness bursts out. It wakes up and terrorizes the city. But that very night, the funny prank somehow went wrong, and as a result.

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Overboard - Rob Greenberg

Leonardo, a capricious millionaire playboy, one day falls overboard of his yacht. After the fall, he loses his memory, goes to the hospital, and the pizza delivery girl Kate, eager to take revenge on the guy for rudeness.

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Super Rascals - Zach Nutson

A group of TV stars released in circulation make money by participating in conventions. But they get tired of putting up with this state of affairs, and the company decides to steal from the domineering TV producer.

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