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Robot Child - Grant Sputor

After a global cataclysm, humanity is dying out. In the underground bunker, an emergency program is automatically activated, and the humanoid robot "Mother" grows a human child from the embryo. The girl, brought up under the careful supervision.

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Island - Matthew Butler

After the mysterious crash of a merchant ship, three survivors find themselves on a small foggy island. There they meet four people who are friendly and promise to help them get out. But in fact, the hermits keep a terrible secret associated.

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Deep Monster - John Turtletaub

Professor of paleontology Jonas Taylor, a former pilot of deep-sea vehicles, has been writing about the Megalodon and giving lectures for many years, trying to forget the unforgettable - the tragically ended expedition that convinced.

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Upgrade - Lee Wannell

The action takes place in the near future, in which a variety of technologies are involved in all aspects of human life. The protagonist is a technophobe who takes revenge for the murder of his wife and his own physical injury.

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The Scarecrow Returns - Walter Lodes

The film tells the story of an urban legend about an ominous scarecrow that slumbers until its darkness bursts out. It wakes up and terrorizes the city. But that very night, the funny prank somehow went wrong, and as a result.

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Photo for memory - Anton Zenkovich

An unexpected accident forces a group of young people to turn into an old house, where, to their surprise, amid a multitude of creepy photographs, they find a snapshot of their wrecked car. In addition, an old camera is found in one of the rooms.

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A Quiet Place - John Krasinski

A family with two children lives on a remote farm. It would seem that the life of these people is completely no different from the life of other such families, but they live in a place filled with terrible monsters that react to any sound.

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Tremors 6 - Don Michael Paul

Burt Gummer and his son Travis Welker travel to Canada to investigate a series of giant worm attacks, and find themselves among the robbers. Bert begins to suspect that the military are trying to adapt the underground monsters for their needs.

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Saw 8 - Michael Spierig

Several bodies are found in the city, the owners of which definitely met a bad end. All the evidence points to one person: John Kramer. But how is this possible? The man known as Saw has been dead for over ten years.

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Krampus: Reckoning - Robert Conway

Here. I do not know. Show me darling. Do you like? Like. What is drawn here? Mom, dad, me, Santa Claus. But where is your sister? are you angry with her? There was no more room. Angel, tell grandma the truth. She makes dad get angry, mom.

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