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Bohemian Rhapsody - Brian Singer

Honoring Queen, their music and their outstanding vocalist Freddie Mercury, who defied stereotypes and conquered convention to become one of the most beloved artists on the planet. The film traces the band's dizzying path to success.

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Call DiCaprio - Zhora Kryzhovnikov

Not all brothers and sisters get along with each other. In the center of the narration of this tape are two siblings, who from early childhood were complete opposites. Yegor Rumyantsev was able to achieve incredible heights.

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Billionaire Club - James Cox

Los Angeles in the early 1980s. A company of young people decides to turn a scam, the favorable outcome of which promises a lot of money. The enrichment scheme turns out to be viable and deadly at the same time.

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A Quiet Place - John Krasinski

A family with two children lives on a remote farm. It would seem that the life of these people is completely no different from the life of other such families, but they live in a place filled with terrible monsters that react to any sound.

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Summer - Kirill Serebrennikov

The film tells about the very beginning of the creative path of Viktor Tsoi and the Kino group, about his relationship with Mike Naumenko, his wife Natalia and many who were at the forefront of the 1981 rock movement in Leningrad.

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Red Sparrow - Francis Lawrence

After being forced to end their careers due to a professional injury, Dominika Yegorova and her mother face a bleak and uncertain future. The heroine agrees to become a recruit in the School of Sparrows, a secret service that trains unique young people.

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Eve - Benoit Jacot

During a severe blizzard, the promising writer Bertrand finds himself under the same roof with the seductive and mysterious Eve. Obsessed with this femme fatale, he has no idea who she really is and what a dangerous game he is involved in.

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Mafia Women - Patrick Vega

After the successful arrest of 20 most dangerous criminals in the Warsaw district of Mokotów, Bela was fired from the police for arbitrariness. She is invited to serve in the Internal Security Agency. She must undergo training with curators.

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People - Sam Vincent

The series will take place in a parallel world, where new gadgets have become extremely popular - high-tech robotic servants that look frighteningly similar to humans. One such "household helper" is acquired by a family living in the suburbs.

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