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Welcome to Chechnya - David France

HBO. At 1 hour 00 min. they told how a gay man under the pseudonym "Grisha" came home. Why couldn’t they watch and catch these newcomers? We launched them home (to the apartment) and if they got loose, then bang-bang.

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Brave New World - Owen Harris

Future, people are divided into alpha and beta. When anxiety, then drug pills are taken. Whoever wants to fuck with whom. They are obliged to give their body to anyone. Polygamy. They don't know what virginity is.

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Coronavirus Infection - Steven Soderberg

A man coughs and touches the wicked on the bus. Bat and pig. ATM, withdrawing money. Vaccine, medicine, immunity. Keeps neighbors out of the house. The infection occurred in the Casino, the woman spat on the playing chips for luck.

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Coronavirus - Pavel Kostomarov

An unknown deadly virus has been discovered in Moscow, which is rapidly growing into a terrible epidemic. Sergey, in the company of his new lover and her autistic son, as well as his ex-wife, their son and several other fellow travelers who have joined them.

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Robot Child - Grant Sputor

After a global cataclysm, humanity is dying out. In the underground bunker, an emergency program is automatically activated, and the humanoid robot "Mother" grows a human child from the embryo. The girl, brought up under the careful supervision.

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Aeronauts - Tom Harper

London. 1862 She is a charming rich young woman with a passion for flying balloons. He is a meteorological researcher, ready to do anything to make a scientific breakthrough. By their very fate, they were destined to soar higher than anyone.

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Joker - Todd Phillips

Gotham, early 1980s. Comedian Arthur Fleck lives with his sick mother, who teaches him from childhood to "walk with a smile." Trying to bring good things to the world and give people joy, Arthur is faced with human cruelty.

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Chernobyl - Johan Renck

The story of the accident at the Chernobyl nuclear power plant in 1986, the evacuation of the inhabitants of Pripyat and the elimination of the consequences. "Chernobyl" dramatizes the true story of one of the worst man-made disasters.

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