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Terminator Dark Fate - Tim Miller

Linda Hamilton (Sarah Connor) and Arnold Schwarzenegger (T-800) return to their legendary heroes in the sci-fi action Terminator: Dark Fate, from director Tim Miller (Deadpool) and visionary producers James Cameron and David Ellison.

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Aeronauts - Tom Harper

London. 1862 She is a charming rich young woman with a passion for flying balloons. He is a meteorological researcher, ready to do anything to make a scientific breakthrough. By their very fate, they were destined to soar higher than anyone.

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Aladdin - Guy Ritchie

A charismatic thief named Aladdin wants to become a prince in order to marry Princess Jasmine. Meanwhile, Agrabah's vizier Jafar intends to seize power over Agraba, and for this he seeks to get a magic lamp stored in a cave of miracles.

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Taxi 5 - Frank Gastambid

Former Commissioner Gibert, who became the most unlucky mayor of Marseille in the history of the city, entrusts the new recruit Silvan Maro, who was transferred from the capital, to deal with the elusive "gang of Italians" in a Ferrari.

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Deadpool 2 - David Leitch

The one and only chatty mercenary is back! Even bigger, even more destructive and even more naked than ever! When a super soldier bursts into his life with a murderous mission, Deadpool is forced to think about friendship.

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Breathe In The Darkness - Daniel Robie

After a sudden earthquake, a fog that kills all living things envelops Paris. Few of the survivors climb to the rooftops for clean air: without communications, water or food, they still hope for help. Anna and Matthew will do anything to save their daughter.

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