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Terminator Dark Fate - Tim Miller

Linda Hamilton (Sarah Connor) and Arnold Schwarzenegger (T-800) return to their legendary heroes in the sci-fi action Terminator: Dark Fate, from director Tim Miller (Deadpool) and visionary producers James Cameron and David Ellison.

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Ford vs Ferrari - James Mangold

Despite all the efforts of competitors, Enzo Ferrari has always emerged victorious in races. No less ambitious Henry Ford decided to put an end to his fame and, having united around himself self-confident and impudent designers and engineers.

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Collectors - Jesse Johnson

A small fighting school run by a martial artist named Franch is going through hard times. To solve material problems, French temporarily leaves his sports career and is hired as a collector to the crime boss Big Tommy.

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Deep Monster - John Turtletaub

Professor of paleontology Jonas Taylor, a former pilot of deep-sea vehicles, has been writing about the Megalodon and giving lectures for many years, trying to forget the unforgettable - the tragically ended expedition that convinced.

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Taxi 5 - Frank Gastambid

Former Commissioner Gibert, who became the most unlucky mayor of Marseille in the history of the city, entrusts the new recruit Silvan Maro, who was transferred from the capital, to deal with the elusive "gang of Italians" in a Ferrari.

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Deadpool 2 - David Leitch

The one and only chatty mercenary is back! Even bigger, even more destructive and even more naked than ever! When a super soldier bursts into his life with a murderous mission, Deadpool is forced to think about friendship.

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Upgrade - Lee Wannell

The action takes place in the near future, in which a variety of technologies are involved in all aspects of human life. The protagonist is a technophobe who takes revenge for the murder of his wife and his own physical injury.

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Mafia Women - Patrick Vega

After the successful arrest of 20 most dangerous criminals in the Warsaw district of Mokotów, Bela was fired from the police for arbitrariness. She is invited to serve in the Internal Security Agency. She must undergo training with curators.

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