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Aeronauts - Tom Harper

London. 1862 She is a charming rich young woman with a passion for flying balloons. He is a meteorological researcher, ready to do anything to make a scientific breakthrough. By their very fate, they were destined to soar higher than anyone else in history. Together they will set off on a desperate journey in a balloon, through storms and thunderstorms to the edge of an unknown world, where the air is thin and the chances of survival are small ...

If the film had lasted longer at the box office, I would have gone to watch it again! As if she really flew in a balloon. Such beauty! And informative, albeit artistically presented, and not strictly documented. The film is worth watching for children, but for some reason they were limited to 16+. It is in childhood that dreams arise that fill childhood years with special happiness. From childhood, it is necessary to learn to see beauty and achieve your goal.

Everyone writes, they supposedly replaced a man with a woman, if they did not do that, the film might not have happened, Europe and America are obsessed with tolerance, and the film companies are simply forced to do this. In Harry Potter and the Cursed Child, a black man was cast as Hermione. The filmmakers are not always to blame, just everywhere, everyone is now demanding tolerance.

The topic is interesting. Worth our attention. However, again a tribute to feminism. I'm tired of it. Thank you that the main character is not a black man. Although, they could make the heroine black. A tribute to current trends. So I work in a women's team. I have one colleague, a man. Neither I nor he can do their job like they do. Women can do a lot better than men. This is logical, but misinterpreting real events is insane. It's a shame I live in a time like this.

Comments about tolerance. Everything is as usual. ))) This film is not a biography. It is filmed based on "real events", so the interpretation by the director and screenwriter may be far from the original story. Moreover, two men in a balloon are less interesting than a woman and a man.

I wonder how they could freeze if the height to which they rose was practically airless, let alone the humidity of the air. Directors are such storytellers, but they also replaced the second person with a woman. How can it be without love stories. Hollywood is so Hollywood

This "STRONG AND INDEPENDENT WOMAN" was not in the real story. What is this hypocrisy. To make a film about two men who made the most daring flight in the entire history of mankind and replace one of them with a "STRONG AND INDEPENDENT WOMAN" and rejoice at this. But if they did the opposite, then the "tolerant" feminists would fart with all their might! Tolerance and feminism have once again proved their hypocrisy! And by the way, they want to show people that women can also be "strong and independent" but at the same time assign her male deeds and deeds! Logic and IQ at the anal level.

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